Specview Help

Specview is an interactive tool for display and analysis of astronomical 1-dimensional spectrogram data. It can combine together data from different instruments / files / wavelength regimes, read from a number of sources, including the Virtual Observatory.


Specview can fit physical models to this data, and perform operations such as coadd / splice / Fourier filter the data. Quick feature measurement, a line identification tool, and spectral template handling, are provided as well.


Specview recognizes a number of spectrogram formats. For a complete list, see Section 1.6.


Quick help

Most on-screen controls can display a short "balloon help" when the mouse cursor is positioned on top of them for a few moments.

How to:


See in Section 8 how to use command line options.

See in Section 9 how to set up user preferences.

See in Section 7 an explanation about physical units.



A remark about the print button in the help window:

Printing help pages used to be extremely slow due to a bug in the Java 2D API print mechanism used by the Java Help facility. Also, if printing help pages to PostScript files, the resulting file sizes used to be enormous.  This is probably better under later versions of Java, but could still be present in some platforms. The bug is circumvented in Specview's own internal print mechanism though, so getting hardcopies of the plot screen shouldn't be a problem.
Bug: using the “find” tool in the Specview help window (magnifying glass button) causes error messages to be listed in the shell (command) window. This is apparently harmless, and seems to be caused by a bug in the JavaHelp package.